About 7 Gold Miners

7 Gold Miners is my brand name as an independent investor in gold mining stocks. I am an investor who is sharing my opinion on this website. Since the 80’s I am trading at the exchanges as an individual. Later I have become active in the financial world.

In the last couple of years I began specializing in trading ETF’s. As I am always pursuing my goal of making high returns at the lowest possible risk I became interested in gold and especially gold miners as an alternative for ETF trading. ETF website: click here

Going through the data and backgrounds of investing in gold mining stocks I became even more enthusiastic. That is why I decided to dedicate a specific website to gold mining stocks.

On this website you will be able to see in which 7 gold mining stocks I invest. For a small fee you will get the overview of this handpicked selection of gold miners. You will also get updates whenever I adjust my portfolio.

Each and every customer will get a log-in account. Through this account you will be able to see all entries , exits and updates of my portfolio. If I have sold one gold miner you will be notified immediately as well as whenever I am buying additional gold mining stocks. All transactions will involve these 7 gold miners I have selected.

For investors with very small budgets I offer the option of following only 2 or 4 gold mining stocks. I have to add that it is always smart to spread your investments among several gold miners. That is why I prefer to share my investments over 7 gold mining stocks.

The 7 gold miners I am investing in. See the hedge against de gold price. Click here


7 Gold Miners company

Welcome to the website of 7 Gold Miners. My name is Frank Haarman, owner and director of Beursman BV, the Dutch company that is the owner of this website.

The mission of Beursman BV is to provide investors with as much possible information about investing, so investors may be able to improve their investing skills. Within this website you will find a lot of background information about gold mining investments.

On behalf of the 7 Gold Miners team we hope you will enjoy the benefits of this website and we wish you all the best in investing.

Director Frank Haarman 

Beursman BV

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