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Latest update: 10-07-2020 23:30

I constantly follow all the stock market news. I only post the stock market news that really sets stock markets in motion.

Trump chooses his scapegoat. The stock markets had a nice day today. In the US, the corona situation continues to get out of hand. Investors today got hope by announcing test results of the drug Remdesivir.

It was already known that it can help somewhat against corona. Today again confirmation of that. It is actually nothing more than old news. Because it is still not the 100% corona drug.

Investors, however, reacted as if there was a big breakthrough. Because, among other things, the shares of American airlines rose.

I see the statements Trump made today as the most important news. Trump indicated that the relationship with China has been seriously damaged. He therefore no longer likes a second phase trade deal.

It is clear what Trump is choosing. China is going to be blamed for everything during its presidential election campaign. We can therefore expect increasing tensions between the US and China in the coming months. Stock exchanges may experience this.

The gold and silver price

Silver outperformed gold today. There was not much movement because the news about Remdesivir and the increasing number of corona cases kept each other in balance.

With a few exceptions, most gold and silver mine shares today are in the min. 


The week under the resistance closed at 575. With a score of 570, you can say that investors are heading for the earnings season in good spirits.

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