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Latest update: 18-10-2019 21:18

I constantly follow all the stock market news. Only the stock market news that really sets the stock market in motion I post here.

Focus on the brexit. I got the impression today that European investors are only looking at that brexit. On Saturday, the vote and the chance that the agreement can be trashed again seems a bit bigger than the chance of approval.

Slightly negative and that was reflected in the European stock exchanges. However, there was more negative news. The day started with the Chinese growth figure. The Chinese gross domestic product appeared to have increased by 6% in the third quarter. That was less than expected.

It is the worst growth rate since 1992. Looking at the falling exports and imports published this week, the growth rate actually seems very high.

Anyway, the Chinese economy is doing less and less. The world economy is also bothered by this because China is the second largest in the world.

From Washington, confirmation came today that the Americans are going to levy on $ 7.5 billion worth of imports from the EU. The EU has already indicated that they will also introduce import duties. Today the trade war between the US and the EU started.

Then we got away with only small stock market falls. American stock markets also in a minor. There, problems at individual companies and especially that disappointing growth figure from China weigh heavily.

The gold and silver price

The gold and silver price today mainly sideways. Just like the gold mine and silver mine stocks in which I invest. We have to wait for company figures and actions from central banks.


Today a fall. Based on the technical analysis it is a negative development because there is now a lower top in the day chart. However, there are so many major issues at the moment that I do not attach great importance to technical analysis.

The Brexit voting can change everything at once. We are also at the start of the earnings season. There are trade wars that can be aggravated or resolved. And last but not least, the role of central banks that are stimulating with interest rate cuts and increasing amounts of money.

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