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Latest update: 16-04-2021 19:48

I constantly follow all the stock market news. I only place the stock market news that really sets stock markets in motion.

Stock markets are creeping up. The day started with news from China. China's gross domestic product rose 18.3% year-on-year in the first quarter.

Very difficult to estimate whether this is good or bad. Because a year ago, China was in a very tough lockdown.

Also some figures from the eurozone. In February, exports fell by 5.5% on an annual basis. Imports fell by 2.7% in February. Again figures that indicate that those very positive purchasing manager indices of the industry did not give the correct picture.

Eurozone inflation rose 1.3% year-on-year in March. Normally I always look at the annual figures when it comes to inflation figures. But because last year was not a normal year, I now also pay attention to the monthly figures.

On a monthly basis, inflation in the eurozone rose by 0.9% in March. That is considerable for a month. Inflation is therefore also rising sharply in the eurozone. A bigger jump up will come when the lockdowns are lifted.

I will keep a close eye on those US stock exchanges. There was a lot of positive economic news in the US this week and the earnings season got off to a good start. However, US stock markets did not rise sharply. The momentum is gone.

I will continue to monitor whether after the lockdowns the money flow will no longer go to the stock markets but to consumption.

The gold and silver price

That is fine. Despite the fact that yields of the US Treasuries rose today and the dollar remains good, gold and silver rose. It indicates that people look less at those yields and more at the inflation figures.

The mining shares today are on average again very well in the plus. Not bad for a Friday. If I look at the bigger picture the annual charts, many mine shares are still far behind the now rising gold and silver price.

Based on the annual chart and the current gold and silver price, a number of mining and searcher stocks can still rise by 30% to 70%.

If gold and silver are rising even further, which I do expect now that inflation is picking up sharply, those percentages are of course a lot higher.


A new all time high. But it is difficult. On April 6 the AEX made an all time high at 713. Now a week and a half later it is 716. For the AEX it remains to wait for company figures.

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