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Latest update: 06-07-2020 01:01

Exciting weeks

We are awaiting the upcoming earnings season. That will erupt next week. To date, investors have confidence in a good outcome.

How companies got through the corona time remains a big question mark. Next week we will find out a little more about it.

The other item remains the corona virus. Worldwide, the new cases peaked last week at 200,000 a day. When I look at the high stock markets, Corona seems to be over. The opposite, however, is reality.

Much of the increase is in countries that are not directly relevant to stock markets. Indirectly, because those countries also count for the global economy. As long as new corona cases increase, this will continue to put a brake on the world economy.

The corona situation in the US remains dramatic. The US is of course the most important for the stock markets. However, there is still no response to the stock markets. The question is for how long.

The gold and silver price

The earnings season and corona can be translated for gold and silver into how much extra stimulation is needed. The proliferation of corona in the US will be a reason for the FED to stimulate more in the future.

As for the earnings season, we have to wait and see. If company figures are poor, more stimulation will be needed and gold and silver can go up further.

For the gold and silver mining stocks, look forward to their quarterly figures. We will have to wait about a month for that.

The weekly forecast for the stock markets

I can't tell much about it at the moment. With this week forecast writing, I waited for some important stock market news. However, that did not happen. It remains to wait for the start of the earnings season.

It also remains to wait for the corona situation in the US to claim its role on the stock exchanges. I will keep you informed with daily updates.

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The weekly forecast for the AEX

The AEX is still in the 530-575 bandwidth. The question is how long. There is a chance of a false outbreak this week. However, this week is not that important. Because the earnings season will really start next week. The earnings season will determine the direction of the stock markets in the coming weeks.

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