Price list group C: All 7 gold mine shares

1. Gold miner with a very strong management that wants to be included in a large index. Ability to rise 3 times faster than the gold price.

2. Gold miner with a strong financial position. Pays dividends. Will be able to profit to the utmost form a rising gold price. Many gold mines in development. Will be able to rise 4 times faster than the gold price.

3. A small gold miner with 2 recently implemented gold mines. At the end of 2018 an important investor decided to take up a large part of the available stock. This will boost its production volumes and will lowers it cost. Will be able to rise 10 times as hard as the gold price.

4. A gold digger company that took major steps in the summer of 2019. New management team. 2 new investors, 1 of which is a Chinese state-owned company. Significantly more gold found. The goal is to find enough gold as quickly as possible so that a gold mine can be started.

5. Not very well known gold miner that owns a large territory with several gold mines which are productive for only a few years. The largest part of the territory has yet to be explored. Enormous potential, a stock price that seriously lags behind and for that a truly great target for a takeover. Will be able to rise 12 times faster than the gold price.

6. A gold miner that is growing exceptionally hard but is still not very well known. Production has doubled in 2018. Still more gold mines in construction. Despite its high growth and low gold price a profitable operation. Will be able to rise 7 times faster than the price of gold.

7. A medium-sized gold miner that will start up more gold mines in 2019 and 2020. As the company has a difficult time to make it profitable the share price is very low. More production volumes and a higher price of gold will boost the stock price. Will be able to rise 5 times faster than the gold price.

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Group C: All 7 gold mine shares for 6 months for € 177,-
Group C: All 7 gold mine shares for 12 months for € 270,-

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